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Facebook Crowd Sourcing Interview

Recently in our Social Media class, we were given a new assignment: Use our crowd sourcing techniques to formulate a question that is meant to generate responses, and then we are to use these responses to find someone on our Facebook who we can interview. I, of course, chose firefighting as my topic of interest. My question that I asked my friends on Facebook was:

To all of my friends who are firefighters, I have an assignment for one of my classes where I have to ask people a question about a topic that I am interested in, so of course I chose fire. My question is:

Some people say that people are “living the dream” by being on career departments, especially departments such as the FDNY. Do you think that living the dream could also be just volunteering on a department, rather than actually having it as your main job?

If you guys could just leave some responses that would be awesome. Give an explanation for your answer, too. I know that personally, as long as I get to be on a department, I will always be happy whether it is volunteer or career. Thanks to everyone who responds, its a big help.

I posed this status to my friends, and I received six responses. The common answer among my friends was that you could “live the dream” on a volunteer department, and the thing that meant the most to the friends who responded was just getting to be on a department and to do something that they loved to do.

Part of our assignment, however, was to choose one of our friends who commented and conduct a brief interview. My interview was two questions based on the answer that they had given, where I chose what I thought were the two most important points of their answer and asked them about it.

The friend that I chose was the First Lieutenant of the Fire Department here at St. Mike’s, Lexi Cuomo. She is a senior this year, and is a friend of everyone on the department and is a huge contribution to our Saint Michael’s Fire and Rescue family. You can read the interview between Lexi and I in the pictures attached. You can also read some of the responses that I received in the other pictures that are attached as well.

This interview meant a lot to me because the fire department, especially SMFR, is something that I am very passionate about. Every morning when I wake up, I get excited because I know that, if there is a call, I will get to do something that I truly love. It has matured me more than anything I have ever done before, and like I said in the above paragraph, it is not just an organization, but a family. The people on my department are people that I will trust with my life any day. I know the training that we go through, and I know that we are all a very close-knit family. SMFR is the greatest thing that I have done with my life so far, and I wouldn’t change anything for it. It is the reason that I joined my department back home, as well. Fire has changed my life for the better, and it is one of my greatest passions.

In the interview, I asked Lexi she would ever consider joining a career department if she was given the opportunity. Lexi responded by saying that, when the Albany Fire Department was accepting applications last year, she was very tempted to put in an application. However, she ultimately decided not to because she realized that she was probably just thinking about that because she had a lot of homework because it was during finals week, and also she would not have finished college by the time that the academy started, and she really wants to get a college degree.

I also asked Lexi if, since she had said in her interview that both teaching and firefighting were her passions, if she was offered a job as a teacher somewhere where there was not a volunteer department, would she just abandon firefighting and hope that she crosses paths with it later in life, but she would instead focus on her teaching career? Lexi responded by saying that firefighting and teaching have both become such a major part of her life, that she does not know if she could be happy without both of them in her life. She did say that she would probably accept the job, but that she would keep her eyes open and peeled for other jobs in an area with a department, and also that for that reason she would not be applying to a lot of schools in cities.

I learned a lot in this interview about how much of a role the fire department plays in other peoples’ lives also. I know that it is one of my biggest passions, and so I know I would do anything for it. I definitely cannot see my life anymore without fire in it. It has become something that I look forward to every day. It is not just a hobby, it is a job that I take very seriously, and it is a family.

ImageImageIImageI hope you’ve enjoyed my post.

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