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Twitter Crowdsourcing

For our Social Media class once again, we were asked to crowdsource. This time, however, it was using Twitter. Below are the two tweets that I tweeted; one tweet explaining that the next tweet was for a class, and one tweet asking the question.




I received two responses to my question. One was from one of my teachers from high school, and one was from my dad. Both responded that they thought the team to beat was the Red Sox.

I chose to interview my dad, John Gaudion, for this project. I asked my dad, first, if he has always been a Red Sox fan. He told me that he has not always been a Red Sox fan, and that he has actually been a Yankees, Dodgers, and Reds fan at other points in his life, mainly because of where he has lived.

My dad also told me that he has not been watching every game on TV this year for the Red Sox, but he has been keeping up with scores of games and where they were, especially nearing the playoffs.

When I asked my dad if he thinks that the Red Sox have a good chance at winning the World Series this year, considering this is the first year since 2007 (the last year that the Sox won the World Series) that they had clinched the AL East (coincidentally, they also have a similar record to 2007). My dad responded by saying that it is all about teamwork, and he is optimistic because this team has really surprised everyone and come together really well this past year.

My final question that I asked my dad is if he were to compare this team to either the 2004 Red Sox or the 2007 Red Sox, which team would he compare them to? He responded by saying that he would compare them to the 2004 Red Sox because no one was really expecting them to win. Instead, they proved people wrong by playing hard. They gave Boston the name that they deserved.

I chose to interview my dad for a few reasons. The first reason is, I miss my dad and so when I get to talk to him I like to talk to him. Since starting college last year, I have not seen a lot of my family because I spend most of the time at college to run on the fire department. I also chose my dad because he has seen a lot of great baseball players play, which is something that I wish I had the pleasure of doing. He has told me about watching players such as Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and so on. Therefore, he knows players who are good and who are not good. Getting to see true legends play, he is able to make those comparisons. I would listen to what my dad has to say any day, especially about baseball, even though I am the one who has always been interested in sports statistics and random facts, as opposed to him.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed reading about my interview!

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