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My Google+ Experience

So in MJD219 the other day, we were told to make Google+ accounts. I had made a Google+ account several years ago when it first came out, thinking it would be the new social network that would grasp everyone’s attention (I even had an account before it was publicly released, as my cousin was able to make a beta account and was allowed to invite something like 7 people to join as well). However, after using it for maybe a week, I forgot that I had the account because I was not as interested in it as I would think.

Once we made our new accounts, we were told to follow one brand and one news organization, and see how they use Google+ to get their points across. The news account that I follow is WPTZ News. On their account, WPTZ post many times a day, as if it were Twitter or Facebook. They post things that are essential to the people reading, such as this post that talks about a road being closed down in St. Albans, but they also post random links, such as this post which is a random post about a moose that was on the loose. In these ways, they are easily able to connect to their followers.

The brand that I followed was Nike. To me, while I was looking for brands to follow, it appeared to me that most brands do not post a lot on Google+ very often. In fact, the last time that Nike posted on Google+ was on August 21, 2013 when they posted a video that asks what people are going to do differently today from yesterday to be more successful. Nike, because of its lengthy time between posts, I do not believe connects with its followers the same way that WPTZ does. They motivate people with videos and posts, and talk a lot about their products, but they do not post as much so their posts are not seen on peoples’ main feeds.

I hope you enjoyed what I had to say about my Google+ experience

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