Blurbs about #MJD219 and tales of my life


In MJD 219 on October 1st, we were told to sign up for a Pinterest if we did not have one and explore Pinterest. I had never used Pinterest before, so this was a completely new experience for me.

I was very confused to say the least. All of a sudden, there were many pictures just sitting in front of me, and that was before I had even chosen to follow any pinners or to pin to anything yet. I was very confused why those were on my home feed, and even asked the teacher what was going on.

Over the course of the class, however, I kind of (not really) got the hang of using Pinterest (I understood it enough to get by). For a homework assignment, we were asked to find a brand and a news organization that we believe are using Pinterest well to support their business. I will start by telling you about the brand.

The brand that I chose to follow is TheFireStore, which is the Pinterest account of, a website that sells different things for the firefighting service. What I like about TheFireStore’s Pinterest is that they have it set up into a number of boards, all that are different. For example, they have boards for their helmets, their PPE (personal protective equipment), their flashlights, their apparel, and so on. They also have boards with just things that people who are following them might like, such as a board called “Firefighter Lifestyle” and another board called “Fire Truck Swag”, that posts things such as this fire engine from 1940. I thought that the way that they do this was very easy to navigate and would generate good business.

The news organization that I chose to follow is WCAX TV. This is a local news station, and I like the way that they have their boards set up also. Most news organizations do not have much stuff about the actual news. Rather, they have boards dedicated to fitness, recipes, fashion, and so on. WCAX, on the other hand, does have actual news-related boards (even though they do also have boards for recipes and different deals that are being offered. WCAX has a board for Places in the News, however, which shows different places that they have reported about, such as the Ben and Jerry’s Factory and a water park. There is also the board Info Graphics, which shows different info graphics that may be of use to different people. Finally, one of the other boards that I like is their Behind the Scenes board, because it shows some of the things that happen behind the scenes that not everybody has the chance to see normally.

Overall, I think that Pinterest can be pretty cool. It can be very confusing if you have not used it before, but it is easy to figure out.  It’s nice because there are pictures that you can see, but then if you click on the pictures you can be redirected to articles about the pictures and learn more about what you are seeing. It is a good way to get people interested without forcing them to read something. If someone sees a cool picture that they like, they can just click on the picture if they want to learn more. It is like a hook sentence without the words.

I hope you enjoyed what I had to say, thanks for reading!

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