Blurbs about #MJD219 and tales of my life

Interviews and Such

In our last MJD219 class, we were asked to go to the new Dion Family Student Center at Saint Mike’s and find people in the building, and ask them for their opinion of what they think of the new building. I thought that this was going to be a little strange, mostly because I had never REALLY interviewed anyone before. Luckily for me, however, two of my friends walked into the building, allowing me to interview them rather than walking up to someone random who was either studying or enjoying their lunch.

Based on the idea from this class assignment, we had a similar assignment for homework. However, there was no topic given to us about what we had to interview people about; we had to come up with a topic ourselves. I knew that this would be easy for me, because I have a true passion that I take part in at SMC, and that is firefighting. When we got back from training on Wednesday night, I asked a few fellow firefighters if they would mind me asking them a few questions. I chose my friend Dennis Miller, a member of the class of 2016, and my twin brother, Tim, also a member of the class of 2016.

Dennis was not quite comfortable with me asking him questions that I was recording on video, so instead, I used his picture and asked him why he joined the fire department at SMC. His response can be seen here, as well as a picture of Dennis in the tweet. Knowing that my brother would be comfortable with me interviewing him, I decided to ask him a few questions, which can be seen here. Basically, I wanted to see what people who I interact with every day think about the job that we volunteer to do. We give up many hours a week to volunteer in the community, when we could be hanging out with friends or doing many other things. I know that for me, it has been one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had, and do not know where I would be without it. I am glad to see that other people agree with me on that.


Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed what I wrote.

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