Blurbs about #MJD219 and tales of my life



Tweets from students in MJD219 who were live tweeting events

Recently in MJD219 we were asked to use Storify, a website that takes posts on social media websites and creates a story using them, to take posts that are about MJD219 and do the same. Because many people have already started doing their live tweeting projects (the game I will be live tweeting does not start until November 2nd), I decided to use some of these tweets. Below, you can find the Storify version of some of the tweets that students have used for their live tweeting.

  1. Senior day at Duffy Field as SMC Mens Soccer recognizes four seniors from the class of 2014 #mjd219 #smcmenssoccer
  2. Game. Set. Match. Adelphi wins set four 25-21, beat #smcvb 3-1 #mjd219
  3. #23 for the knights receives a yellow card with ten minutes left in the game #mjd219
  4. Saint Mike’s loses 1-0 as time expires despite a valiant effort in chilly, windy and wet conditions #mjd219 #smcmenssoccer
  5. Pedroia and Ortiz with back to back doubles. Pedroia to score. 1-0 Sox! #mjd219
  6. SOX WITH THE WIN. Back to Boston… Let’s take the series in 6 gents. #mjd219 #RedSox #FearTheBeard

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

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