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Bring Back the Crowdsourcing!


In our MJD219 class recently, we were taught ways of marketing a news post on social media networks. We were given some techniques to use, such as using a picture, a question, a fact, and a link to the actual post itself. We practiced this in class in our Facebook group, but then for homework it was our turn to do it all on our own.

We were given the objective to use these techniques to post on Facebook about our crowdsourcing projects that we had done and to try to get responses. I thought long and hard about what I would do for this, and I finally came to my conclusion. I posted a mini screenshot of the blog post, and also posted the link. I then accompanied these with the following:

Many different news organizations use crowdsourcing (using different types of media to get in touch with people by generating responses) on their social media sites to listen to what their audiences have to say. In my Social Media class, we too have used crowdsourcing to gather responses, as I did especially with my project regarding the Westgate Bombings at the beginning of the month.

Do you think that crowdsourcing is a good way to gather the input of the general public, and do you think that this is essentially a form of interviewing?

I then also used Twitter to promote this by tweeting on Twitter:

Crowdsourcing is an important part of using social media in the news, but can it be an interview? #mjd219 and included a link to the post.

I received only one response, from my father, who said that he would like to see the demographics of social media, because he thinks using crowdsourcing you can get a lot of input from an audience, but he thinks that people his age and older are less likely to have input because they do not have social media always. I messaged my father in Facebook Chat and sent him an infographic of the demographics, and he said he was right and that he said if you are crowdsourcing and want information from everyone, you are going to be lacking in the older age groups, which he is right about, but I feel like more and more people his age are making social media accounts now.

My Facebook post can be read here

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

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