Blurbs about #MJD219 and tales of my life

Live Tweeting Project

We were recently asked in MJD219 to Live Tweet an event that interested us. The event that I chose was the Saint Michael’s College Women’s Soccer game against Pace. For this project, I used two hashtags in each of my Tweets. I used the hashtags #smcvtsoccer and #mjd219.
  1. And a quick goal to start off the game! Saint Mike’s leads Pace 1-0 #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  2. And Saint Mike’s called for the penalty, but no cards given #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  3. Saint Mike’s with a close shot, but saved by Pace goalie #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  4. Pace had a chance but basically walked the ball out of bounds #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  5. Pace with a shot over the goal, Saint Mike’s still leads 1-0 #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  6. Saint Mike’s with two near misses! SMC still leads Pace 1-0 #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  7. Pace ties the game up at 1 apiece with a penalty kick header after a handball by SMC #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  8. Saint Mike’s with a nice attempt on the corner kick #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  9. HALFTIME! Saint Mike’s and Pace tied up at 1 goal each #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  10. SMC almost has their second goal but Pace goalie saved it #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  11. Saint Mike’s with another close shot but another save by Pace. Game still knotted at 1-1 #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  12. The temperature is low but the spirits are high from the fans #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  13. With 10 minutes left in the game it’s still tied 1-1 #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  14. And this game is headed to overtime! Tied 1-1 after regulation #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  15. First overtime is over and game is still tied up at 1 #smcvtsoccer #mjd219
  16. Under 2 minutes into second overtime Pace puts one in the goal, win the game 2-1. Good fighting knights! #smcvtsoccer #mjd219

Overall, the Knights lost the game 2-1 to Pace, but the game was well played. It was very cold and raining,  but the fans stayed the entire game, never giving up hope. Throughout the stands, you could always hear cheering for Saint Mike’s, and there were obvious objections to calls against Saint Mike’s. My hands were numb by the end of the game, and I had all that I could do to Tweet throughout most of the game. It was hard keeping up with what was going on constantly, because I would go to Tweet something and something else exciting would happen so I would have to go and Tweet another thing immediately after. In the end, though, I can definitely say that it was fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it.

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