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Social Media Policies

Recently in MJD219, we talked about Social Media Policies within companies. We started by forming our own idea of a Social Media Policy. We came up with ideas such as:

Be responsible with your posts.

No cursing or using words that reflect badly on your or the company you represent.

No posting of illegal activity.

Do not post pictures of you under the influence.

And so on. We were then given the task to look at an actual company’s Social Media Policy. The company that I chose to look at was the Coca-Cola Company. You can find their Social Media Policy here.

Overall, I like the policy that Coca-Cola has presented. It is not too strict, but it is also not laid back. They are quick to say that they will look into the posts of their workers and that, even if their job does not revolve around Social Media they still represent the company, so do not post anything that reflects poorly on the company. I think that this is a really good thing to post because they are being honest with their employees. They also say that on the company Social Media, they cannot post private information that they might have, and that they want you to be real with the people. I think that this is good because it shows honesty in the company.

My one critique is that I think that they should have posted something about the language that workers use on their Social Media. They do say be responsible in your posting, but they never say things such as do not post pictures of yourself getting drunk or do not post posts in which you swear a lot. These things reflect badly on the company also in that if people see posts like those, they will think that those are the kind of people who Coca-Cola hires. I think that in this manner they should be a bit more strict. Whether people want to admit it or not, those are things that many people post on their Social Media accounts, and it reflects poorly on the company. It is understandable if you say a mild curse word every now and then or post a picture of yourself (if you are of age) drinking a beer every now and then, but do not make it a common occurrence.

Thank you for reading what I had to say, I hope you enjoyed it.

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