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Our Google Hangout

Last week in MJD219, we finally had our Google Hangout that we had been planning for most of the semester. It was one of the coolest things that I had ever done in a class. It seemed to go really well (we had a few technical difficulties, but we ended up working through it and completing our project on a high note). I felt that it was really cool for all of us there also because we got to see firsthand the students talking about their experiences studying abroad. I also thought it was cool because I was in the room with one of the girls in the video, and I could also watch the YouTube live stream to see how it was going.

For this project, I was a member of the booking group. This was slightly difficult for me because I do not know many people who have studied abroad. In fact, I believe I only know one person who has actually studied abroad and she was abroad for only about one month, and the place that she was studying was already being covered in our hangout. Some of the things that I did for the project were, as a group, we all came together as the booking group and brainstormed ideas, such as having all of the people who would be on video be in separate rooms so that there would be no feedback on the videos. I also promoted the hangout through Tweets that you can see here on my Storify. I also told my friends about the hangout so that they would know what was going on, and showed them the flyers that had been hung up so that they knew more details.

On the night of the hangout itself, I showed up around 6 to help set up, and went around the building to find classrooms that were not being used so that the people who were being interviewed did not have to sit on the floor in the hallway or be in the same room as everyone else. I then met with one of the girls who had studied abroad, Kate, and we went into one of the classrooms and I sat there in case she had any technical difficulties (at first her camera would not show her on video, so I had to run back and forth between the main room and our room to see if it was fixed). 

You can watch the entire video of the Hangout here.

Overall, I thought this was a really cool experience. It took a lot of time to set up, and there were many emails exchanged between our group. I felt bad about not knowing any of the people who were being interviewed, and also not knowing anyone who had gone abroad before because I felt that it rendered me useless to my group at times, but I did my best to help the group whenever possible and show that I wanted to be there and help out. Below are a few screenshots from the video.





Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Take the time to click that link and watch the Hangout yourself!

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